Spinal Cord Injury Treatment


PixarBio CEO and CSO Frank Reynolds conceived, believed, invented, and patented first generation NeuroScaffolds for neuroprotection and regeneration of the spinal cord after traumatic spinal cord injury as Chief Science Officer, CEO and CFO of InVivo Therapeutics Corp (NASD:NVIV)

In 2015, Frank’s first generation NeuroScaffolds during an FDA human study nothing short of a miracle in the first human patents to receive the NeuroScaffolds.  Patient reports are phenomenal.

At PixarBio Frank has led the invention of a novel generation of acute and chronic injectable Neuroscaffold’s, NeuroRelease SCI TM.

In 2016, PixarBio applied to the USFDA CDER for Orphan Status approval for NeuroRelease SCI.

We look forward to advancing NR-SCI to market and to a competitive marketplace in SCI with the expectation to raise the bar far above the current state of R&D in the industry. 

PixarBio’s Injectable NeuroScaffold TM is the perfect platform to advance from acute neuro-protective spinal cord injury treatment to a regeneration treatment for chronic spinal cord injury

As evidenced by winning the 2011 Apple Award for Primate SCI Research, from the National Spinal Injury Association, and his 2015 Life-time Achievement Awards from National Spinal Injury Association Frank Reynolds lead the spinal cord injury research industry 2005-2015, and from 2016 and beyond he will be out-invented himself with his second, third, fourth and beyond generations of SCI Acute and Chronic SCI inventions.