NeuroRelease: Pre-Clinical Progress

Non-Opiate/Non-Opioid Post-Surgical Pain Treatment

Feb 23, 2017

Haining Dai
Director Pre-Clinical
Co-inventor NeuroScaffold
Co-inventor NeuroRelease In-House Vivarium Maximizes R&D and Product Iterations, has almost
30 years of Neurological Vivarium work.

Frank Reynolds, Chief Science Officer

  • Co-invented The NeuroScaffold
  • Co-invented NeuroRelease
  • Co-inventor on 60 Neurological patent applications
  • 2011 David F Apple Award for SCI research
  • 2010 President of Ireland Awards Top 50 Scientist
  • MIT-Sloan; Wharton School. Penn Engr., HBS,
    St Joe’s, Temple U, Chestnut Hill College, Rider U,
  • Hong Kong University Science and Technology
  • 2013 & 2016 Best Company to work for Boston- BBJ

R&D Leadership PixarBio

Haining Dai, Director of Preclinical Neuroscience

  • Over 30 years in field of Neuroscience
  • 25 years at Georgetown University in SCI research
  • Expert on neuroplasticity and nerve functional recovery
  • Specializes in small animal translational research models
  • Co-inventor of NeuroRelease

Xi Chen, Director Analytical Chemistry

  • Over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience
  • Expert in small molecule and polymer characterization
  • Expert in cGMP, GLP and other regulatory guidelines
  • MS in Analytical Chemistry
  • Co-Inventor of NeuroRelease

Dana Tilley, PhD; Chief Neuroscientist

  • Almost a decade of Pain and neuromodulation research
  • Expert on Pain at the cellular level
  • Expert on pain signaling to the brain
  • PhD in Neuroscience and Physiology
  • MS in Chemistry
  • Co-Inventor of NeuroRelease

Patrick Armstrong, Director Development. Eng.

  • Almost a decade in R&D, all drug delivery focused
  • Expert in scale-up of microparticle fabrication systems
  • GMP manufacturing experience
  • Langer lab alum
  • MEng in Biomedical Engineering
  • Co-inventor of NeuroRelease

Jianwei Hou, MD, PhD; Senior Neuroscientist

  • Spent 14 years as spinal neurosurgeon
  • Over 15 years as neuroscientist
  • Expert in small animal surgeries and neural therapies
  • PhD in Neuroscience
  • MD in Clinical Medicine

Guan Cao, PhD; Senior Neuroscientist

  • Over 25 years experience in R&D
  • Specializes in neuroscience, histology, cell biology, and physiology
  • 10+ publications in top-tier journals
  • PhD in Neuroscience

Chronic Constriction Injury Model

  • Gold standard for animal pain model
  • 4,000+ citations
  • Generates mechanical and thermal allodynia

Mechanical Sensitivity Test

  • Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer
  • Filaments of increasing stiffness
  • Measures force required for paw withdrawal

Thermal Sensitivity Test

  • Hargreaves Method
  • IR light source set to 50 (190±1 mW/cm2)
  • Measures time till paw withdrawal

Exparel vs NeuroRelease

Video Gait and Sensory Analysis

Exparel – 3hr post injection

  • Hopping and skips last step
  • Can not control paw placement
  • Avoids weight bearing on top step
NeuroRelease – 3hr post injection

  • Controlled locomotion
  • Normal Plantar stepping
  • Bears weight on all steps

14-Day NeuroReleaseTM

Mechanical Sensitivity
Thermal Sensitivity

3-Day NeuroReleaseTM

Mechanical Sensitivity
Thermal Sensitivity

Histology images will be forthcoming…

Blood Plasma Levels

a)Pharmacokinetic analysis of carbamazepine
b)Pharmacokinetic analysis of carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide (carbamazepine metabolite)

Dashed line: limit of detection of 10ng/mL.

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