PixarBio NeuroRelease A Non-Addictive, Non-Opiate Morphine Replacement™

PixarBio CEO Frank Reynolds Executive Interview

PixarBio CEO/CSO Frank Reynolds Discusses His 60 US-INTL Neurological Patent Filings from 2006-2017

Knee Surgery Pain Treatment

Shoulder Surgery Pain Treatments

Hip Surgery Pain Treatments

Back Pain – Facet Joint

NeuroRelease – Non-Opiate Post-Operative, Acute Pain System

One year after hip, knee and spine surgeries, 80% of patients report they experienced post-surgical pain was moderate to severe after surgery. Pain limits the patient’s physical therapy outcome and thereby reduces the possibility of a full recovery.

Nanoparticles and Microparticles

Nanoscale drug Delivery Systems and Microparticles provide new biomaterials platform opportunities for targeted drug delivery. PixarBio is using patent pending formulations of FDA approved biomaterials and FDA approved non-opiate drugs to target key neurological areas to treat pain.

PixarBio cofounder Frank Reynolds is a subject matter expert on postsurgical pain, acute pain and chronic pain markets. Frank’s passion for delivering improved quality of life for all neurological patients drives PixarBio’s commitment to concurrently engineer new treatments for a wide range of painful conditions. By Reducing rebound pain, NeuroRelease may reduce drug addiction associated with opiate pain killers and improve clinical outcomes.

Frank Reynolds expertise in cGMP manufacturing of biomaterials with extensive safety records and a history of FDA regulatory approvals has given PixarBio the insight and in-house know-how to reach those goals by applying core competencies required to developing new treatment options for doctors and patients.

With our team’s expertise on over 60 products approved by the FDA to start human studies, we have unmatched experience in the drug delivery system space and a track record of successfully developing FDA approved products.